The San Diego Randonneurs club is the local chapter of the Randonneurs USA organization. The Regional Brevet Administrator (RBA) organizes every year a series of long distance rides called ‘brevets‘. Brevets are not raced but must be completed in a comfortable set time which makes them relaxed, convivial affairs, accessible to the average (but persistent) cyclist. Distances range from 62 miles (100 km) to 745 miles (1200 km over several days).

The club also maintains a list of local rides of all distance and difficulty, called ‘permanents‘, which may be ridden at any time.

The sdrando google group is quite active and is a good place to hear about unscheduled rides around San Diego or to ask general questions about randonneuring. A similar forum exists at the national level.

A shout out to current and past San Diego Randonneurs RBAs who over the years have spent considerable time and energy to keep the flame of randonneuring alive in San Diego:

  • David Danovsky (current RBA)
  • Greg Olmstead
  • Dennis Stryker
  • Michael Berry
  • Barclay Brown